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Melting Metals

Today iron is melted in either gas fired cupulas or in electric induction furnaces. Some melting is still done in arc furnaces, but this is losing favor.

Steel for continuous casters is generally melted in arc furnaces. For the production of billets for hot rolling, blast furnaces are also used.

Aluminum is generally melted in reverbatory furnaces. These furnaces are large refractory lined vessels to hold the metal and are heated by gas burners or electric resistance heaters (SiC) in the roof of the vessel. Aluminum is also melted in induction furnaces. Metallic resistance elements (iron-chrome-aluminum) are also used in smaller melting furnaces.

For holding of molten aluminum, gas or electric resistance (SiC or Metallic) heating is typically used.

Copper can be melted in gas or electric resistance heated vessels. Induction can also be used.

Specialty metals are melted in vacuum induction furnaces. These furnaces can heat to very high temperatures, while preventing the oxidation of the metal by the use of the vacuum chamber.








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