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While works to be a non-partial site, we do sell advertising / promotional space in the following forms:

Promotion Benefit Price
Listed Advertiser

Listing in the supplier directory listing in Bold, and your name will appear twice, once at the top, in the supporters section (sorted based on the date you become a Listed Advertiser) and in the alphabetic listing. We will also include your Logo if you wish in the supporters section.

$100.00 USD per year

Contributing Advertiser

Benefits of Listed Advertiser Plus: we will accept photos articles, brochures or other items to be published. For Photos we allow your company name to appear in the photo, and your company will receive credit for the photo. For Articles we reserve the right to edit to remove non-technical, commercial issues. Brochures will be converted to .pdf format, and posted "as scanned" for downloading. We guarantee that at least 5 of these items will appear at any time on our pages while you are a Contributing Advertiser (after you submit the 5 items).

$250.00 USD per year
Hosted Advertiser Benefits of Contributing Advertiser Plus: we will create up to three pages (50 lines per page) for your company to use to present your company, products, or services.  $500.00 USD per year

Note: No free listings are provided for Agents and Representatives of the principles. They are listed only by becoming a Listed Advertiser.

 For additional information, or to sign up, please e-mail us at




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